Can’t fly the Flags of our two greatest heroes on their day!!



The City of Lexington has banned Confederate flags. The ban will mostly affect the annual celebration of Lee-Jackson Day in January when a large parade is staged through downtown to mark the birthdays of the two Confederate leaders who are buried in Lexington VA.


Southerns should continue to visit Lee Chapel, and Jackson’s home and grave, but should avoid buying food, gas, hotel rooms, or anything else in City of Lexington. VA. until the flag ban is lifted. ~ SWR’s the29thtn

We should FLOOD Lexington VA with flags at every opportunity and not spend one thin dime in the damned town. If a business wants OUR business and not the effete academics, let the owner fly the First (or Second or Third) National and we’ll know to go there. Meanwhile, we should do what the blacks did to end Jim Crow: boycott, boycott, boycott, BOYCOTT!! ~ SWR’s Lady Val


Mayor & City Council & Lexington Chamber of Commerce

Mimi Elrod
207 White Street
(h) (540) 463-6714
e-mail: mimicobb11@gmail.com

Council member &
Vice Mayor:
Bob Lera
502 Jackson Avenue
(h) 540-463-3568
e-mail: rlera@rockbridge.net

Marylin E. Alexander
212 Lewis Street
(h) 540-463-2073
(w) 540-463-3242
e-mail: mealexander@rockbridge.net

R. David Cox
P.O. Box 367
(h) 540-463-1986
e-mail: rdavidcox@earthlink.net

Mary P. Harvey-Halseth
7 Wallace Street
(h) (540) 460-4484
e-mail: pianoteacher23@gmail.com

George R. Pryde
600 Stonewall Street
(h) (540) 463-5652
e-mail: grpryde@yahoo.com

Charles "Chuck" Smith
6 Jordan Street
(h) (540) 464-6353
e-mail: washstreet@rockbridge.net

Lexington Chamber of Commerce
Phone 540.463.5375
Fax 540.463-3567

Sammy Moore, Executive Director

Lisa Markham , Promotions Manager

The boycott is on!! Link below is going to be the start of the official page for it:


Brandon Dorsey

The Stonewall Brigade #1296 SCV