Camp Update 25 July 2013
Please pass on to all members, friends and supporters…many thanks ….John
There is quite a bit to update y’all on, quite a few things actually…some interesting, some good and some …err….unusual
First of all , a new Confederate memorial stone has come to my attention, I managed to find about this by putting some speculative words into search engines and then doing some research.

The memorial stone is to Private Donald Gunn of the 50th Georgia regiment, who I suspect was killed at Gettysburg. His stone is in Dirlot cemetery in Caithness. Now I have to confess that my geography of Caledonia is not brilliant , so I looked it up on a map yesterday and saw it was right up near John O’Groats !…as far from Glasgow as Scarborough is ( in the other direction) but I shall do what I can to get an image and more info. At least I am hoping we can have a flag placed…no Confederate serviceman is ever forgotten no matter where he is buried or where ever his monument is .
Secondly, plans and preparations are making great progress regarding November 2015. Jerry has done a remarkable job in his achievement/s so far. Things have never looked so optimistic since the idea was first conceived. There is even good cause for further optimism as the indications are that things are likely to go as anticipated in the future. Feel free to contact Jerry personally as I am sure he will be pleased to hear from you , especially on this subject. In fact someone contacted me recently enquiring about Associate membership , and showing a specific interest in the 2015 event, which reminds me ……Jonathan D. , can you forward this onto your friend as I have not added him to the mailing list yet, and I don’t have his details to hand.
Remember…..dues are due NOW……we had 100% of members continue their membership last year, lets carry on that good record into the next SCV year…..says me who hasn’t paid their own dues yet, but will be sorted out soon……………………………I swear !
The heat here in the UK has been incredible , last week at 9 am it was 37 C in the Sun here !……I actually snapped the thermometer just as it dropped to 36! ( see image)
For some reason my Pc is playing up and not allowing me to correct typos, so if you spot the odd error….so did I.
I am awaiting surgery as you know, and this past week I had been feeling fine, some days better than others, but yesterday I collapsed and this was not due to the heat as I was going to the bathroom at 4am. I couldn’t get up and had to get my handicapped step son to summon my wife. It was some time before I could move. This was due to my neurological condition which I anticipate will cause me more problems until at least my surgery. Preparations have been made for Chris D to take the helm should a need arise.
But…on a more…err…light-hearted note…one of our members, ‘Casey’ Jones, has shown his dedication to the Camp in a way unknown to me to have been done by any member in the Organisation..He has had the Camp banner tattooed on his calf!….I kid you not…..and the images are included with this update , they have not been photo-shopped. My official response was going to be I’m speechless….but …I see it this way……..I know one member at least who will be continuing his membership!
Take care …stay lucky