Men of the camp and friends, Our AP Article Please read.
Men of the camp and friends,
Here are links to a newspaper article in which Camp Milton and Camp Finegan are featured. Its a wonderful article and will help us get the word out about our efforts to save what’s left of Camp Finegan on Jacksonville’s Westside. Fred and I spent the day at Camp Milton with Mr Word then drove him over to the Camp Finegan site for a good walk around. It’s refreshing to know that we still have a few good folks in the media field who are true Journalists not just hacks. AP Reporter Ron Word is a fair and friendly man to work with. You can see the story was picked up far and wide. Mr. Word and a team of AP reporters are each doing a report on the 150th anniversary of the war. Mr Word wanted to do his article on perseveration efforts in Fl. Hats off to you Mr. Word.
FYI: We The Capt. Winston Stephens Camp # 2041 will be hosting an encampment, or as some may call it a media day at the Camp Finegan site in November (Kind of like a drill day for us). The local media will be there and we would be happy to have you there to in support. So if you think you can make it please e-mail me for exact date and more details. 
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