Europe Camp 1612 in support of Sesquicentennial Society
Compatriots all:
On behalf of my Commander I want to announce that Europe Camp 1612 SCV has founded an Eisenhower Silver Dollar from the first 1971 mint (collectors value about 25 $), to be awarded to the first reader of our Newsletter who joins the Sesquicentennial Society. It´s not necessary to be Camp member. We do this to support the important efforts of the Sesquicentennial Society towards the Confederate Museum in Elm Springs and the Bicentennial Fund.
For more details download the ISE Newsletter of February and look at page 10:
If you join using the SCV donation page just make sure to put “Sesquicentennial Society Membership. ISE Newsletter” to qualify. Then write to the editor and we will find out who was "first with the most". The winner will receive the silver dollar in a presentation box by certified surface/air mail (valid both for Continental Europe and America).
By orders,
Raphael Waldburg-Zeil
Editor, Intelligence Service Europe, Newsletter of Europe Camp 1612
Sons of Confederate Veterans