From: kenplum <>
Date: Sat, Sep 17, 2011
Subject: Camp 2044 troubles
To: "H. K. Edgerton" <>

Hi H.K.

This is mostly about the problems that our camp is having with the Ellenboro fair.

The Ellenboro school principal is in charge and he would let us have a spot outside for $150, no free booth available inside the old gym. But, we cannot display the confederate flag in any form, no SCV banner, camp shirts, not even SCV brochures and not even photos where we had placed a govt. headstone or put flags on graves.

Kirk told me to go ahead and pay for the spot and I did. I then told the principal that I would agree to his terms at this time, but that I was hopeful that he would change his mind as our attorney would be contacting their attorney and that he was breaking the law.

Needless to say he was not happy about this and wanted to give the check back to me and for me to give him back the receipt that he had given to me. I refused both and walked out. He then followed me out to the truck and stuffed the check into my shirt pocket. We talked for several minutes more and the final result at that time is that the camp if forever banned from having any spot at the fair and not to ever ask to have one again. The conversation was kept on a professional level and the principal seemed to be a good guy. I doubt that this is all his decision to do to us in such a manner. He did tell me that he hoped that we would come to the fair in our own personal capacities and wear whatever we wanted to, but the camp could not have spot at the fair. Kirk is working on this.

The fair starts Tuesday 9-20-11 and I am not sure just how this will work out.  I did want to ask if you would be willing and able to come down and help us out as you are an honorary member of our camp?
Thanks and God bless,        

Jim Kennedy 
Rutherford Rifles, SCV camp 2044