Minnesota School Public Relations Director Calls Mr. Reif a racist

From: renegadeheart@sbcglobal.net
To: rkaufman@bloomington.k12.mn.us


In the most typical and predictable fashion the leftists in Minnesota are cynically using children to advance their left-wing hate agenda in a vain attempt to marginalize American Constitutionalists in the South and elsewhere. What is happening in Minnesota and other places is a well orchestrated campaign of intimidation to legitimize hatred against those who support the Confederate Battleflag which is an international symbol of resistance to the encroachment of globalism and the support of the original Constitution which the Southern people shed their blood to defend.

Young people across the Nation instinctively are attracted to the spirit of patriotism inspired by our Forefathers. Leftist government officials at all levels will do anything to repress this instinct for freedom. Part of that job is making the Battleflag into something that it is not. That task is accomplished by oppression and hate-mongering by the left. It has never been done by those of us who love freedom. Press coverage of the actions of Minnesota government schools dovetails nicely with the yesterday’s speech in Minnesota by the presumptive neo-Marxist Democrat Party candidate for President. There are no coincidences: Is that not enough evidence for anyone?

David S. Reif


From: renegadeheart@sbcglobal.net
To: RKaufman@bloomington.k12.mn.us

When a leftist is totally defeated in an argument regarding the Battleflag he screams “racist” at the top of his lungs and then continues in his attempts to fool everyone else about his true agenda. This is completely evident in the reply I received. It is the classic conditioned response one gets in these situations so I’m using it as a case study for our readers. Even though they are caught red-handed (no pun intended) they will continue in their delusion that they are acting out of self conviction when we know that this is the programmed response of a “useful idiot” for the left.

DS Reif

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From: RKaufman@bloomington.k12.mn.us
To: david reif

A true rascist among our midst … thank you for your clearly uneducated response to an issue you know so little about.

Rick J. Kaufman, APR
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