Calling all Citadel Alumni and patriots of the South!
The Citadel Army ROTC is hosting the Lt. Dan Band at Johnson Hagood Stadium on September 14th!
Gary Sinise and his band ARE OUTSTANDING.  I saw them at SMU at the Armed Forces Bowl a couple years ago!  These guys are the best!
This is about our guys!  This is for the Corps!  Folks if you live in Charleston, or anywhere in the low lands this is something you should make time for!
Maybe somebody from the Sons of Confederate Veterans could call Army ROTC at THE CITADEL and put something out!  They have good graphics advertising for this but I wasn’t not able to transfer from FB to here!
Men and women we have to support somebody like Sinise.  How many Hollywood are on our side?  You don’t have too many Bob Hopes running around any more!  That dang stadium should be filled….
Is there anybody on the list with connections to radio and television and news paper who could this in their story lines in advance to promote it?
For tickets go to
This is a DOG event!
God Bless the South and the Corps!
Mark Vogl, A – 77