Call To Unify
First off let me open this by saying that I am excited about the proposition to a unified Southern Cause. It is far past time for this to have taken place and can only work to strengthening the Movement and the Cause that we are ALL dedicated to. With that said I must ask that everyone regardless of association, past experiences, thoughts, ideologies, philosophies, faiths and anything else put that to the side. Agree to disagree when we must and then carry on smartly and with the knowledge that while we may have some small differences we are all Southerners with the same goal, a free and independent South.
I understand that many will be concerned about past experiences, trust issues as well as concerns over organizations, groups, cliques and positions of power. These must be set-aside for the Cause. We as a people are the last generation that will have the ability to pull off a free South. I think that after this current generation we will be too far gone as a nation and as a people to ever achieve our goals, our heritage is under a non-stop barrage of attacks from all sides, left, right and middle, Republican and Democrat. Our children are educated by the enemy, our heritage and culture are being erased and replaced with their version. Our symbols are removed and banned and our ways of life are frowned upon and ridiculed like never before. This is by design in order to shame the new generations into shunning their proud culture and heritage and adopting the one that our enemies want them to embrace.
This current call for unification should be answered by everyone, all those hoping for a free South, every organization regardless of age, size and designation should be in attendance and demanding unification. Will we have disagreements? Of course but we will overcome them as a unified movement, noone said it would be easy nor that we will agree or even like everyone we are working with but think about it, do you really like everyone you work with? Our goal isn’t a popularity contest; it is a free and independent South. It isn’t about who is in charge, it is about doing our part regardless of what position we find ourselves in. Regardless of rank, position or status each person should give 100% towards our common goal. Petty infighting has been our undoing for far to long. Simplistic differences have driven wedge after wedge between us and has fractured the Cause far worse than anyone against us could have.
This is the call, this is the time for us to heed that call and answer it together, finally unified under one organization and under the Third National as it should be. So, will we heed this call and unify or will we sit idly by comforted by our grudges? United we stand and all…
For A Free And Independent South
Eric Meadows