Call to fly Confederate flags

Reported by: Leslie Coursey
Published: 2/28/2014

BRUNSWICK, Ga. — The Confederate flag flies proudly over many South Georgia homes. And Ray McBerry, with the Sons of Confederate Veterans, said they should.

"We believe that every group of people ought to be proud of who they are, their history and their heritage," he said.

The organization kicked off a new campaign Friday encouraging all Georgians to fly their confederate flags to celebrate 150 years since the Civil War and to promote Southern Heritage.

McBerry said, "We just think that everybody ought to be proud of who they are."

But Brunswick pastor Kenneth Adkins said it raises an argument is as old as the flag itself.

"The argument has always been we have our right to celebrate our heritage, and you’re absolutely right," he said.

But he also said it’s important to remember that a symbol of pride for some is a symbol of hate to others.

Adkins said, "In Brunswick, you have a city that’s 67 percent black. I think you’re going to stir up emotions."

Adkins suggests a more tactful celebration. McBerry begs to differ.

He said, "We find it a little ironic, and maybe even hypocritical, that the folks who are the biggest critics of southerners celebrating our history and heritage are the ones in fact in the month of February think that it’s OK to celebrate their history and heritage."

The "Flags Across Georgia" campaign will go on as planned all over the state

The SCV plans on continuing the project after the commemoration draws to an end in 2015, according to Georgia Division officers.

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