Call to Flagging
On March 16th we’ll have another Flagging at Green Hill Cemetery, from 12pm – 4pm. Parking will be behind the Krystal Burger as before. Bro. Bill Hicks will be in charge. Come on folks and let’s see how many people we can get out there with their flags flying & handing out material.

I believe each time we’re out there we are reaching & teaching people. We all see what’s happening to our Southron Heritage everywhere & we need to take a stand united in the cause. We also need to let Watauga Historical Assn. We are not going away & we are not forgetting our ancestors that are buried there and being neglected by them. It’s a disgrace that Pvt. Leseur is buried outside the perimeter of their fencing. Let’s show everyone that we are a proud people with love for God, Family & Heritage.

Tennessee Flagging Coordinator
Colonel Mike Shaffer (Doc)
Bristol, Tenn.