Call To Flag – Urgent Matter
Good Afternoon, everyone. The post below was one that Billy Breaden Posted earlier today. We had discussed a couple weeks ago about Nathan Bedford Forrest Park and the problem there. Now is the time we need to stand up & be heard and seen. If the City Council gets there way, not only will NBP be renamed but also several other parks of the Confederency will be under attack. We need to have as many people show up in full regalia, Flags, Shirts or anything you can take that represents our beloved Flag. We need to show people that we are not backing down. All of our WBTS veterans deserve our support. Every time we do nothing , this gives the haters more power do get there agenda through. Your support will be great appreciated by all.
We didn’t want your kind earlier, but now come quickly an…d help us!!! Oh, BTW –
Rally Southerners, Rally!
We need your help Tuesday Feb. 5, 2013 – 10:30 a.m. Memphis City Hall. The Parks Committee of the Memphis City Council will vote on the ludicrous idea to rename Forrest Park after Ida W. Wells.
We got news this past week that Councilman Lee Harris is going to propose that the City Council rename all of the parks dealing with Confederate history in Memphis.  Folks, we’ve got one chance to stop this in the Parks Committee, to prevent it from going before the whole city council. We’ve a got a 50/50 chance in the Parks Committee. The odds in the full city council are stacked against.
Take the day off from work if you have to, but please join us in City Hall on Tuesday to help convince the Parks Committee that the City of Memphis has more important business to tend to than renaming our established historic parks.
We need 100 devoted Southerners to show up at City Hall Tuesday. This is our ONE chance! Will you be there to help?  Plan to be there an hour early. Parking downtown can be challenging.  Dress appropriately for business at City Hall. No flags, no signs, no Confederate clothing please.  We hope to see you Tuesday!
Colonel Mike Shaffer (Doc)
400 Shelby St. Apt. 413
Bristol, Tenn. 37620
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