Susan Frise Hathaway sent a message to the members of Southern Heritage Preservation Group.

Susan Frise Hathaway
September 29, 2010
Subject: Call to action!

The recent backpeddling of Virginia Governor McDonnell and his statement at Norfolk State University declaring that he would not issue another Confederate History Month Proclamation is the latest in a continuing assault on our Heritage. We now know that what we once hailed as the brave decision of a man who had the courage to honor our Confederate ancestors in spite of political pressure was actually an “error of haste, not heart”. Not only in Virginia, but throughout the South, the winds of political correctness are blowing through our towns and those who would have our Heritage completely wiped off of the face of the earth under the banner of racial reconciliation and sensitivity are winning the battles on all fronts and will soon win the war.

We need your help!

* Please take a minute, visit the page and click the “Invite People to Join” link and invite all of your friends.

* Visit other Heritage sites and post a link to our page and invite others to join

* Contribute to the page. Post a link or write a few sentences about anything related to our cause. Keep others posted about Heritage events happening in your town. Share historical information that might be of interest. Let us know about opportunities to speak out when there is an attack on our Heritage.

"Obstacles may retard, but they cannot long prevent the progress of a movement sanctified by its justice, and sustained by a virtuous people ." Pres. Jefferson Davis, CSA