[LS] Call for Free Magnolia articles
From: jmichhill@cs.com
Compatriots: Free Magnolia editor Franklin Sanders could use a few more good articles (800 to 1500 words) for the current issue of the tabloid. We don’t have a single theme for this issue; therefore, any subject, as long as it’s germane to Southern independence, is fine. E-mail your articles to Franklin at <moneychanger@wildblue.net>.
We also have some copies of the last issue of TFM left. Please order and get them into the hands of our people. As usual, they are $20 per 100 (postpaid) and can be ordered either online at www.dixienet.org or from the LS office.
During the next few weeks we’ll be releasing information on the upcoming 2011 LS national conference in Abbeville, SC. Watch for it.
We also need volunteers who have experience with CB and Ham radio systems. Call me and I’ll put you in touch with proper folks.