Many Call For Auburn CIty Councilman’s Resignation

By Tim Reid
Published: April 27, 2009

More fallout from our story last week about a city councilman who removed some Confederate flags from a city cemetery in Auburn. Since we aired the story, our news room has been flooded with calls and emails from folks, some of them are calling for councilman Arthur Dowdell’s resignation. The whole controversy started last Thursday after the city councilman picked up a few confederate flags then later put them back.

Dowdell thought the flags were offensive and racist and didn’t belong in a cemetery. Many in the community are angry with the city councilman. Assistant City Manager Jim Buston says Dowdells actions were wrong. “The council members and the Mayor are not too happy about the things that have transpired” Buston said. News Three tried to reach councilman Dowdell for a comment today, but he didn’t return our phone calls by news time. The local Daughters of the Confederacy put the flags in the cemetery last Thursday to honor

Civil War soldiers for the confederate memorial holiday. As far as the city is concerned, the mayor and council are investigating Thursdays incident. Assistant City Manager Jim Buston says if residents want to remove

Arthur Dowdell from office, its up to them. “The people who voted for you are the ones who can recall you” Buston said.

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