My Personal Call for Action!


Call for action!

A new day is dawning. A day when the young Confederate supporters and sympathizers must pick up and take to the streets to support and spread the Southern word. For far too long the opposition has attacked our Confederate Heritage and Symbols and the only line of defense was provided by the older generations of organizations like the Sons and Daughters of Confederate Veterans. Well this is a new day. This should be a new awakening of the Southern Spirit and Southern Pride!! No longer can the opposition be allowed to destroy at-will anything Confederate. It is time to adapt to the tactics of the opposition and adapt faster than they can adapt to our tactics! It is time for the younger members and Confederate supporters to raise and carry on the battle. The youth of supporters are the future of our noble Southern Heritage. It is time to take to the political trails, beat back the foaming mouth liberals that wish to force political re-education on us and call it political correctness. It is time for truth to prevail and put all these lies and propaganda the opposition is spreading to rest once and for all. It is time to raise the Confederate Battle Flag and display it proudly from every point in the South. Not as a symbol of hate but as a symbol of unity and truth. We can no longer sit in our easy chairs and just wait for this attack to blow over. We must become proactive and take the battle to the front line before the enemy. We must stand on every corner and raise money to support organizations such as the Sons and Daughters of Confederate Veterans. We must not be swayed or brow-beaten to hide away what we believe in. We must defend those beliefs with every ounce of resolve in our bodies. Take a stand for our Confederate Heritage and defend it to the ragged end! Let the world know we will not go quietly into the night!

I make this call because the opposition can be beat! We have held off those that would take our High School flag here in eastern Kentucky since November of last year. This is a high school that fly’s a Confederate Battle Flag as a school flag (in the public school system) and we have successfully defended it for over six months. The opposition can be held off or at the very least, slowed to a crawl. They are not unbeatable! Lack of action on our part is much deadlier than all the action the opposition can take against us. We have come against the opposition at school board meetings, in the media, on the streets, and we have countered each and every attempt they have made to destroy this flag. But we did not do this by sitting behind a computer and complaining. This was done by being where we were most needed, when we were most needed. We have noted that much of the opposition has been made up of younger generation that has been Zombied into believing everything the political liberals have pumped into their minds. But they can be held off! They can be silenced! But it takes action and action takes getting out there and pushing your message with all the heart and determination you have. It takes numbers and the projection of numbers. It takes a united front across the South.

This is a new generation that has become accustomed to grand gestures of political beliefs. No longer is anyone impressed by simply listening to someone standing in front of a soap box giving speeches! It takes headline grabbing events to get the attention of anyone these days. The boldest moves get the most attention! We should be going after the hearts and minds of the younger generation in order to ensure a future resistance to this leftist liberal assault on our history. Wear your T-Shirts, fly your flags, parade up and down main street if need be! Take peaceful but grand actions to attract the media. Do not let the true message of the South die in the poisonous white noise being produced by the opposition. Do not be swayed by the labeling tactics so effectively used by those that would bury us. This country is in dire need of something to believe in and I can think of nothing better than the beliefs of the Old South. The time is right to begin this reawakening of Southernism! The time is perfect to give every single person in this country the opportunity to believe in something once again. But we must be willing to stand before the masses of nay-sayers and hold our ground. Let our actions speak to our beliefs and determination. These are excellent examples of determination and belief that this country can use right now.

So I say, we must start planning and implementing a total and all out counter attack on this scourge of Heritage Cleansing that has overtaken our country. This must be mounted now and it we must be firm in our resolve once we begin. We can no longer sit by with a wait-and-see attitude and hope this all goes away. Every day we wait, we lose another flag, another statue, and another piece of our history! We can no longer allow this to go on. The time is now for a new beginning. The time is now for the younger generation, along with the older generation, to take up defense of our ancestors and our heritage.

Ronnie Parsons
The Rebel Voice