California Bans Sale Of Confederate Flag

This month opened with the disturbing news that California had banned the sale of the Confederate flag on State property.  I guess it surprised no one that such a move would come out of that great western bastion of liberalism. California sent troops to the War Between the States and they hold re-enactments there. Yet,  the tired old line that the flag represents or has ties to slavery persists as if the U.S. flag were guiltless.
I often wonder just where the rights of Southern Americans figure into the equation of cultural rights. Are we to erase every vestige of our beloved Southern heritage just because some folks don’t like it?  How many people do you think there are in this world who hate the American flag?
California Assemblyman Donald Wagner maintained that they were not "stifling free speech" (yeah, right) but banning "a symbol so vile" … that they did "not want to be associated with it."  The fact is, they do not want anyone "associated with it".  Actions against symbols of the Confederacy are always based on deliberate lies and the ceaseless prejudice against anything Southern. I could not care less what California does, except for the fact that I know everyone out there is not so ignorant of the true facts of history nor so blindly biased by political correctness.  I also wonder which other States just might follow California’s malevolent lead.
John Wayne Dobson
Macon, GA