Missourians “Dump Holden”

First it was “Little” Dick Gephardt who had greater ambitions than just being an U.S. representative. He wanted to be the Prez. What’s worse he actually thought he could be the Prez.

Dick Gephardt decided to use the old tried and true method of campaigning. He decided to portray Southern heritage and its symbols as “Racist” in order to gather minority votes. Gephardt did it in early 2003 when he “unofficially” kicked off his campaign in South Carolina.

Meanwhile back in Missouri…

Governor Bob Holden also apparently believed that Gephardt had a shot at being the President of the United States. It was also apparent that Bob Holden had bigger ambitions than being a Governor from Missouri, I’m thinking he saw himself as a member of the “Gephardt Administration” in just a few years.

So when Gephardt said that the Confederate Flag was hurtful and divisive and should not be flown, Holden wasted no time in clicking his heals and yelling “Hile!” To Fuhror Gephardt’s orders. Soon after Gephardt’s speech in South Carolina, Missouri’s two Confederate Flags, one at Higginsville Confederate Cemetery and one at the Fort Davidson State Historic site came down for good.

It is rumored that Holden was “concerned” about the opposition to his decision to remove the flags but thought there was not enough of the opposition to matter.

During this time I talked to Missouri League of the South State chairman Frank Carlton about starting a flag campaign. We could raise money to purchase Confederate Flags and poles and give them to citizens who would proudly display them.

We traveled the state last summer giving away and installing Confederate Flags and poles. We distributed enough of them that by year’s end 81,400 motorist saw them proudly flying each day!

It is my opinion that this single act was instrumental in motivating the Republicans to introduce legislation to restore the flags. (It almost happened until Catherine Hanaway, Republican speaker of the Missouri House ordered Representative Jay Jackson to withdraw his motion to pass the measure)

In addition to giving away free Confederate Flags the Missouri League of the South purchased “Dump Holden” bumper stickers they could be seen on pick-up trucks and mini-vans traveling across the state.

How do I know that the Missouri Flag Campaign was effective in removing Governor Bob Holden?

Just look at this recent quote from an Associated Press wire story:


“ Missouri voters dumped embattled Gov. Bob Holden in favor of State Auditor Claire McCaskill in the Democratic primary, delivering Holden a stunning defeat after a term that has been engulfed in turmoil.”

Surely it is no coincidence that the AP used the word “Dumped” to describe Governor Holden’s primary election loss. Considering we used the term “Dump Holden” in our literature, on our bumper stickers and on our website.

Also no coincidence, is the fact that when the Missouri League of the South “flagged” Dick Gephardt last November, it was the first time a presidential candidate was forced to observe up close and personal Southern men, unashamed and unafraid to put “the colors in the coward’s face!”

Gephardt lost his bid to become President and Governor Holden’s foolish act of putting all his eggs in the Gephardt basket cost him his job.

A word to the wise…

Take heed Republican traitors. Unless you restore our flags and have guts enough to stand up for what is right, you too will be in the unemployment line!

They never learn.

Clint E. Lacy

Vice Chair, Missouri League of the South


The demand for the flags is high and the funds are low. The Republicans are afraid of McCaskill because recent polls indicate that she can beat Republican Matt Blunt in the November Governor’s Race. Now is the time to put the “Skeer” into them. Restore the flags or else!

But in order to do this we need contributions.

Please visit the Missouri Flag Campaign site and donate what you can for the cause; we are making a difference!


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