David School Pillersdorf, Busted Liar

From: georgiaflagger@joimail.com

Please begin sending letters to David School demanding the Liar be Fired

David School had a press conference at 1 p.m. today (Friday) and this was what was said, in a nutshell. They are sending us an official release, but we don’t have it yet:

Emma Kritz , Administrator David School said that the game was cancelled to be rescheduled at a later date, when things are more calm.

She was standing with the ball players and she said that she had spoken to each of them individually and they told her that they NEVER voted to boycott ACHS. They had NEVER said anything about the flag. Emma said that they have no record of any "taunting" ever taking place. She pretty much said that Ned (Pillersdorf) had done all this on his own without the knowledge or approval of the school and the players. She said she doesn’t know what his agenda is, but that "HE IS THE CATALYST FOR ALL OF THESE PROBLEMS"…..She wanted to clear the air on all of this and make sure everyone understood that the school and the ball players had NOTHING to do with this…..It was ALL Ned!!

I will let you know more as I do!!!! Listen to WMDJ throughout the day, they will be talking about it more!! Just don’t depend on the other media outlets to report on this….they seem to want the view from the "other side"…..

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