This is the most egregious example yet of the inability of the elected leaders of the city of Memphis to govern. They are so ignorant as to think that they can change history by simply denying or refusing to recognize it. What astounds me more than their ignorance is the lack of comment from those who should speak out. Where are the history teachers and professors? Are they so handcuffed by political correctness and scholastic liberalism that they sit by as the barbarians tear down the monuments to the past? Where are our elected representatives? Are they afraid of being labeled a bigot because they appreciate their own history?

As I witness the passing of my culture, my sincere hope is that somewhere a book or two will survive so that some future historian can resurrect history as it was, not as those temporarily in charge want it to be. I wonder what will happen to black culture when the Hispanics take over. Will Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard become Cinco de Mayo Boulevard?

William H. McCrary Jr.