Burleson father raises Confederate flag issue at school board meeting

By Joy E. Cressler/Staff Writer
Jan 28, 2006

BURLESON — The father of one of the Burleson High School students who brought a new purse to school with a Confederate flag on it approached the school board Jan. 23 about the dress code, complaining that it was too vague to be easily interpreted.

Rick McAllum, speaking in the public forum portion of the meeting, accused the district of preaching about what’s appropriate for his 16-year-old daughter, Aubrie McAllum, to wear to school. He said the Confederate flag is not only his heritage, but his daughter’s and the family of the other student involved, Ashley Thomas.

He said the district needs to find a happy medium with the dress code and then stick to it. He referred questions about the situation to North Carolina attorney Kirk Lyons, who volunteered to litigate a lawsuit pro bono against the school district on behalf of the McAllums and Thomases.

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