Build Support for Virginia Governor McDonnell and Confederate History Month
Ladies and Gentlemen, Please allow me to introduce myself my name is Gary Adams and I am a administrator for a Facebook group titled “Build Support for Virginia Governor McDonnell and Confederate History Month”.  It is a non-political group formed to hopefully one day be in a position to help better the South’s role in dealing with the legacy of the War.  Unlike most FB groups it is a functioning one.
Which was what brought you to my attention; it appears the individuals subscribing to this blog are one of the few groups of people who are aware of the repercussions of Governor McDonnell’s proclamation for Confederate History Month.  I was impressed with most of the submittals and asked your moderator to allow us to address you.

I would like to invite you to join the above group which does require you to become a Facebook member if you are not all ready.  Then upon request you will be provided a mission statement, if you like what you see I would encourage you to pursue a position and help us meet these goals or you are welcome to just enjoy yourself.   I hope to hear from each and every one of you, but if I don’t, I understand and would still wish you only the best.

With warm regards, 
Gary Adams