Pat Buchanan defends South on MSNBC
Chris Matthews on MSNBC’s "hardball" has been going nuts over the proclamation issue, insisting that the WBTS was all about slavery.
Thursday he had on Pat Buchanan, a descendant of Confederate soldiers,  & a black woman named  Karen Finney, who says she is a descendant of Robt E Lee [!], & great grandparents who were slaves owned by the Finney family of VA.
Buchanan made some good points:
VA seceded "not because of slavery but so it would not have to send its boys out to kill their kinfolks."
"VA stayed in the Union after Lincoln was elected in 1860, after Ft Sumter (April 61), only left the Union when it was ordered to send its boys to form a militia to fight their kinsman."
Thanks goodness for some truth amidst all the lies being told.
He noted that in "Lincoln’s 1st Inaugural [address], he promised to make slavery permanent, & hunt down fugitive slaves."