Thursday, April 26, 2012

Brother Jamie, Always on guard!


Here is a long due Report from Reidsville.Weather for Reidsville today was RAIN! HA HA …I had another great time in Reidsville today playing in the rain and having a good ole time at the Monument Circle. I made some new friends and had a few interesting things happen in the circle. I got to the circle just before sunrise and it looked like it was going to be a nice cool spring day. OH WAS I WRONG! Big storms came trough around 11 this morning and OH YEAH, I got wet… But hey, so what, a good shower is refreshing while flagging! I also was asked to be added into a boxing promo video as a fighter shadow boxed in the circle with me as his background. The things that happen in that Monument Circle. I also met a new Northern friend with a Southern heart as he gave me shelter in his hotdog stand as the storms got fierce. He says although he is from the North he supports the efforts we are making in Reidsville and that the Monument should have never been taken down. He gave me a free lunch and we had a great conversation about Southern history. The sun finally came out around two o’clock and my good friends came out to see me some more. When five rolled around it was time to pack up and head to a meeting with the HPAC officers to help plan our next steps. It was a great day and Im looking forward to the next visit.

Jamie Funkhouser
Apr 26