Bricks for Beauvoir
Unofficial status report
June 9, 2010
Gentlemen, we need to dramatically increase sales of Bricks for Beauvoir. Many Compatriots have the mistaken notion that, since Beauvoir House has reopened and the Jefferson Davis Presidential Library is being built, that Beauvoir is out of the woods and in fantastic financial shape.
Nothing could be further from the truth.
Beauvoir survives on gate receipts, and tourism is way, way down across the Gulf Coast. To break even, the facility needs 200 paying guests a day. Far fewer than this number are coming to see the last home of our only Confederate President, so the facility is working at a deficit every day.
We need to help Beauvoir with every ounce of our resources and faith.  If you haven’t joined the Friends of Beauvoir, please do so today. See for details. Beauvoir is asking that every Compatriot in the Division join at the $100 annual rate. Sadly, fewer than 100 Compatriots have joined at this rate to date. Join in honor of your ancestor today. "It’ll do you good, and help you, too!"
Another way you can help sustain this gem in our Divisional crown is to purchase a Brick for Beauvoir today. Most of the $50 cost of each brick goes toward desperately needed operating funds for Beauvoir. The remainder of the money goes for the brick itself, the setting of same around the Tomb of the Unknown Confederate Soldier, and a wonderful enhancement to the Tomb area. See for a downloadable order form and brochure.
Some 800 bricks have been purchased to date, but many more are needed in order to help Beauvoir continue to fulfill its mission to honor Pres. Jefferson Davis and the Confederate Soldier.
Of the most recent 458 orders for Bricks for Beauvoir (with many orders being for more than one brick), purchasers (with number of orders in parenthesis) have been from:
Alabama (38)
Arizona (1)
Arkansas (8)
California (11)
Connecticut (1)
Florida (27)
Georgia (25)
Hawaii (1)
Illinois (1)
Indiana (3)
Kansas (2)
Kentucky (4)
Louisiana (16)
Maine (1)
Maryland (5)
Massachusetts (1)
Minnesota (1)
Mississippi (142)
Missouri (12)
Nevada (3)
New Hampshire (1)
New Jersey (1)
New Mexico (1)
New York (3)
North Carolina (10)
Oklahoma (3)
Oregon (1)
Pennsylvania (5)
South Carolina (19)
Tennessee (30)
Texas (49)
Virginia (15)
Washington (state) (5)
West Virginia (2)
Columbia (country) (2)
I am proud to say that, of the 142 Mississippi purchases listed above, my Camp (the Gainesville Vols) has purchased 34 bricks.
However, if you do the math, you can clearly see that only about 100 other purchases of bricks by Mississippians have been made. Of these ca. 100 purchases, many have been made by UDC/OCR ladies, meaning that the vast majority of the Mississippi Division’s 1300 or so Compatriots have not purchased Bricks for Beauvoir.
If you are among this majority of non-purchasing Mississippi Compatriots, I urge you to go to today and purchase a Brick for Beauvoir.
Beauvoir is ours, and it’s up to us to preserve and maintain her! If she reverts to the State of Mississippi (and no one’s saying there’s any immediate danger of that), do you think that she will continue to be the showplace of Confederate Heritage that she is today?

Please remember that bricks can be purchased for individual CS soldiers, CS officers, CS generals, CS companies, CS regiments, CS political personalities, CS ships, and CS installations (forts, etc.).
Consider purchasing a brick in honor of all of your Camp’s deceased members’ CS ancestors. (The Gainesville Vols have done this; we’d have purchased more bricks in this fashion, but people just aren’t dying fast enough! Owww! I think I just felt another artery clog up!)
Consider having your Camp purchase a brick for each of its living members’ CS ancestors (as at least one MS Camp is in the process of doing).
Consider purchasing a brick for the CS ancestor you joined the SCV under, as well as other CS ancestors you have. MS Div. Comdr. Atkinson (whom I hope will pardon me for so saying) has purchased a brick for each of his seven CS ancestors/relations!

Consider a Camp project to purchase a brick for every CS company raised in your Camp’s county/counties. The Gainesville Vols have done this for every CS company raised in Hancock and Marion Counties (the two counties from which our own Pearl River County was formed).
Consider rewarding speakers with the purchase of a brick in honor of either that person’s ancestor or the Confederate of their choice.
Does your Camp have great officers? Reward their service by purchasing a brick in honor of their ancestors!
If you have strong supporters in your community who aren’t members of the SCV, consider rewarding them with a brick in honor of their CS ancestor or the Confederate of their choice.
The bottom line is: we need your help in order to help Beauvoir.
Please purchase a Brick for Beauvoir today.
Please email me if you have any questions regarding how to order a brick or how to fit your text onto a brick.
God bless the South! — Jim Huffman, Bricks for Beauvoir Comm. (
PS:  In mentioning my own Camp so often in the above report, I am in no wise trying to brag.  I am simply trying to show other Camps what is possible under the guidelines of the Bricks for Beauvoir program.  Nothing would make me happier than to have every Camp in the Division beat the pants off of us in purchasing bricks and to show us even more creative ways/projects/programs to increase brick sales.