Bravo! Encore!


Thomas DiLorenzo


Re: both of your absolutely shocking, eye-brow raising books, The Real Lincoln & Lincoln Unmasked:

I’ve not only read, with great delight your super-duper truth-filled texts, but have given them as Christmas gifts to folks with the willingness to learn and the desire to know the truth. We all, eagerly, await your next block buster and hope you produce something which will be made into a movie. If this nation of ours is to retain its sovereignty, instead of becoming merely a part of THE NEW WORLD ORDER, voters must face the reality that for generations, we have been fed a constant diet of LIES by all-powerful government and the all powerful puppeteers who control it and by their sycophants who sell it to a gullible public. A tight ring of oligarchs also control education and almost all of the communications media. As you point out so succinctly, they have fed us a constant diet of historical lies for generations.

Americans seem to have a predilection for believing anything is true if it makes it to the television or movie theatre screen–thus our desire for your work to be translated into the visual language most easily understood and believed. (Think how the public gulped down the horrific lie-filled documentary produced on the History Channel a few months back glorifying the mad arsonist, Sherman.) We can, easily, envision a drama or documentary featuring truths kept hidden for generations which are revealed through the combined talents of you, Al Benson, Jr., the Kennedy brothers, Walter and James, and Frank Conner and Jeff Davis of Georgia.

WOW! Such an array of writing talent and brain-power!

I am Chairman of a little coast to coast study group consisting of folks who are history and government buffs. I’ve listed your books on our list of recommended reading. Several of our members are already reading them. The compliments you are receiving would probably embarrass you. The ladies, especially, are raving about how clearly you elucidate the past and the motivations of the perpetrators of horror. One of the things most frequently mentioned is that your style of writing captures attention in a highly memorable fashion. History, because of you and the writing gang above, becomes a truly exciting subject. After reading your brand of it, we all want to do battle! We, definitely, have become true believers.

My grateful thanks to you for giving us an opportunity to learn the mad machinations of Lincoln and those joining with him and successfully, erasing our Constitution and destroying our Republic. More and more of us, your readers, hope to live until the day when Lincoln, the Destroyer will no longer be voted American’s Greatest and Best President. Certainly, there haven’t been all that many Presidents worthy of much admiration, but there have been a few of note–some even great–far, far exceeding Abe in goodness and as statesmen, rather than mere politicians!

(I, of course, would include Jeff Davis among those deserving the highest of praise. It infuriates me that Jeff Davis’ service to the United States has not been gratefully acknowledged and that his service as President for the legally seceded nation, the Confederacy, has been denigrated. )

Walter Kennedy and Al Benson, Jr. in their Red Republicans and Lincoln’s Marxists have revealed the truth that the concerted Communist instigated program re-ignited in the 1960’s but begun in the 1860’s to stir racial discord, has been so successful that hatred is now an easily triggered reflex, especially, in the blacks–a perfect political tool! Obama’s beloved fanatical preacher offers proof of that! The never-ending attacks on the Confederate Battle flag, the censoring of "Dixie", the constant publication of PhD. declarations that the "Civil War" was fought by Lincoln’s minions to free the slaves and "save the union” –all of these monstrous lies must be exposed. All Americans stand to suffer if the Lincoln-cult liars are left unchallenged.

Bill Vallante, a New Yorker, but a Southerner by choice, has, as his favorite quote: "The cause of the South is the cause of us all." (Alexander Stephens)

Truer words were never spoken.

Joan Hough


The Real Lincoln: A New Look at Abraham Lincoln, His Agenda, and an Unnecessary War
By Thomas Dilorenzo
List Price: $15.95
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Lincoln Unmasked: What You’re Not Supposed to Know About Dishonest Abe
By Thomas Dilorenzo
List Price: $22.95
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