Brand Dixie

Southern Gentlemen and Ladies,

It has come to my attention that the North has begun to commit suicide through the faux president and his minions and policies designed to destroy not just the South, but the whole of America. I would like to propose that the South and anyone who would sympathize with the South, need not become a part of this national suicide. As history tells us that the will of the people will in fact prevail, it is my intention to prosecute a new Dixie that will turn away from the Political Machinations of Lincoln’s failed Federalism and return to the soft, gentile South that our Grandmothers spoke of while sending us off to sleep.

We need not worry about failure as we can only fail ourselves in this endeavor. No guns will be slung and no bombs off the ramparts, but the South doing what we can do to do business with each other and make a pledge to ourselves and to each other on our sacred honor that we will do everything possible to trade only in Dixie and others from Dixie. While men of good honor agree to help each other, we can stand on the sidelines and watch as America’s first black president becomes her last as a Republic. This being the case, the time is right to solidify the South as a cohesive unit working as one piston stroking with all it’s energy to support one cause…Dixie. The time has come and the time is now.

Start to think, where should my dollars go that will secure the South from the coming storm? While the dollar is still good, keep it in Dixie, boycott the North and the Yankee infiltrators who have intentionally weakened our position in the world. Do business with Dixie, every dollar with every product produced and sold in the South. Those businesses will hire good Southern folk and pay them a living wage while the rest of the North goes directly to hell. This is the first step, as time moves on we will elect Southern Statesmen to be our representatives and throw out the Carpetbagging scoundrels who fill the vile hallways of Washington DC that claim to represent you and me.

I would have every Good Person who loves and lives in Dixie to be careful where they spend their dollars and make every spend count as a vote for Dixie, the one you’ve only heard about, the one you’ve read about in history books, the one in your genes and your heritage, the one you know somewhere deep in a cloudy dream. We can make that dream real, and make the South greater than we ever dreamed. We just all need to pull together. Seek them, find them, the ones who would blow life back in Dixie, the corner drugstore, the local hardware store, and yes the once powerful cotton mills now overrun by overseas slavers who pay peanuts for wages so they can farm their bloodstained cloth on our shores!

The Ultimate Irony, fight the South to free the Slaves (that’s a lie) and buy our goods from overseas countries who uses slaves to pick their cotton.

Brand Dixie, we can have it, we can have it better than before.

Pirate Morgan