Boycotting AOL


Chuck, this is to inform my fellow Southerners of a recent travesty I have encountered. I am in the process of removing all my emails and folders from my AOL account. Once completed, I will cancel my account and no longer accept any further offers from this company. My reason – AOL has chat rooms where there are two categories – Created by AOL and Created by Members. Under the Created by Members, members are allowed to establish chat rooms where they may discuss issues with people of like minded ideas. I decided this might be a viable avenue to bring more people into the company of those dedicated to the cause of Southern Heritage Preservation. When I attempted to create a room called Confederate Campfire, I was informed the word Confederate was not an acceptable word and I must make other choices. AOL allows room where men seek men, wives debase themselves to other men, transvestites, Muslims, Africans, Bestiality, Atheists, Communists, and any other deviant or anti-American theme you can imagine. How in the name of all that’s right can the word Confederate be viewed as even more offensive and untenable than the other garbage they allow? We are headed in a downward spiral where I fear the day will come when all descendants of Confederates will be hunted down and shipped to gas chambers and murdered in mass. I cannot see the Yankee horde being satisfied until every iota of anything Southern is obliterated from the earth and its history. My attempts to contact AOL have been futile. It would appear the only employees are either Indian or Pakistani. It is impossible to find any American born person in the employ of this internet cesspool. If there are any Compatriots out there with any plan of action against this slap in the face of Southerners, I stand ready to support any effort to make our voices heard loud and clear in protest. I for one am going about it in the only thing within my power, and that is to stop supporting this injustice against my ancestors, and I will be urging everyone I can to do the same. I remain Southern and Damn Proud of it.

Eddie Grey
North Carolina