Business booted from Bel-Air Mall

By John Watkins

(MOBILE, Ala.) December 11 – A small business has been booted from a local mall. Some have apparently complained that the kiosk’s product is racist.

The Dixie Outfitters t-shirt kiosk opened the day after Thanksgiving in Colonial Bel-Air Mall. It has been selling up to $3,000 a day in merchandise. "Hectic, very busy, very busy. A very good business. We want to stay." says Audrey Davidson, the clerk at the kiosk on Wednesday.

But the kisok has been asked to leave because some apparently find the items with the Confederate battle flags offensive. "We’re not saying either side is right or wrong but we didn’t want the mall being used as a battlefield," explains mall attorney Doug Anderson.

Those who fight for the flag blame city leaders for the situation, saying they have not been decisive. "Part of the reason this happened is the city council’s decision not to say it’s a ridiculous policy, not to allow us to carry the Veterans flag in the Veterans Day Parade," says Ben George, an ardent advocate of southern heritage and a member of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

For many shoppers, the t-shirst are gifts, not symbols of hate. "It’s just all history. It’s not anything about racism. It’s just the flag," says shopper Brenda Cole.

The Dixie Outfitters kiosk will be gone by close of business on Sunday.

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