Pass the Word!  BOLO for possible stolen artifacts
Ladies & Gents,
I spoke with Crawford County Sheriff’s investigator this morning and he wants to put out a BOLO amongst the ReEnacting community and the historical artifact community to report any suspicious persons seeking to peddle Confederate buttons, swords or artifacts that may have been taken from the grave of Lt. James A. Nichols.  As you’ve probably heard, someone desecrated his grave in rural Crawford County at the Old Bethel Methodist Church cemetery.  We understand that virtually everything inside was removed.
Compatriot Ed Nichols of the Habersham Guard Camp is a descendant.  It’s unknown (for now) whether Lt. Nichols was buried in uniform (CSA buttons) or with any artifacts that a grave robber might try to sell to collectors and WBTS enthusiasts.  He died soon after the war in 1866, so it’s more likely (than those who died decades after the war) that he had an intact uniform at that point.
We all know there’s a special hot place reserved for people who would desecrate a veteran’s grave to make a buck.  But we’d also prefer to see such a scumbag punished within the law while here on earth.  Please report any suspicious persons or artifacts that come to your attention to the Crawford investigator listed below.  Permission granted to share this message with anyone you  think appropriate who might encounter such a criminal or their ill-gotten booty and help with the investigation.
JASON RESHA, Crawford County Investigator
Steve Scroggins
Lt. James T. Woodward Camp 1399
Warner Robins, GA