From: Lunelle Siegel <>
Date: Sat, Apr 28, 2012
Subject: Okalahoma School Board calls flag bigoted and racist! PLEASE WRITE A LETTER
To: Lunelle Siegel <>

Take a minute to read up on this and write a letter.
Here’s who to send it to: (Dr. Shannon Goodsell
Here’s my letter:
I was offended by the press reports of your statement regarding the student at Tahelquah.
Could you please explain what you mean that the student projected racism and bigotry by flying the Army of Tennessee Flag?
Perhaps you are unaware that flag is an honored symbol of American Veterans, many from the state of Oklahoma that offered their lives blood for the defense of their homes and families.
Your statement only caters and encourages those who seek to convert the beloved flag of our our grandfathers and great grandfathers into a racially divisive one.  Shame on you!
Lunelle Siegel
Tampa, Florida