Blowback on the Confederate flag issue

In response to the letter in your paper dated Jan. 8, 2014, “I-95 Confederate Flag: legal but not wise” by Delwyn D. Logan of Petersburg, it is a shame that those like Mr. Logan choose to base their opinions on what others tell them rather than studying a little history before publishing an opinion on a subject of which he has so little knowledge.

Fact: “The War of Northern Aggression” was not started because of slavery and so-called oppression. It was started because of states’ rights issues, large government and high taxes on the South. Check it out. The flags are not and were not symbols of oppression.

You are right, Mr. Logan, about it being time to get the facts straight. I question where you got the 13 percent figure of county residents who view the flag as a symbol of oppression. I believe that is a matter of opinion – yours.

It is true that the battle flag of the Army of Northern Virginia was used throughout the state — because most of the war was fought in Virginia — and was the Confederate soldier’s flag. There were more than 12 different Confederate flags, only two of which have white fields: they were the second national and the third national.

After doing a little research you will find the war ended in April of 1865 and “most” of these hate groups you refer to were formed long after that. How dare you compare our Confederate flag, under which our forefathers fought, to the evils of the German swastika, under which 8 million Jews were killed and an entire race was almost annihilated. We cannot control who uses any banner for their purpose. Our U.S. flag has been used by these groups also. They burn our U.S. flag, defecate on it, wipe their feet on it – which we condemn. By the way, the U.S. flag has far more blood on it than the Southern cross ever had. The Confederate flags only stir controversy among the uninformed. It is part of our history.

I am the past commander for the Chester Station Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) and am dedicated to helping present the true history of the South to future generations. I am also dedicated to rebutting the ignorance and falsehoods perpetuated by those like you, Mr. Logan. So, study a little more history and stop looking for excuses and meanings that aren’t there.

I am proud of my Southern heritage and my ancestors who were hard-working, Godfearing, good and decent people and we will always honor and respect them and the flags they fought and died under.

Jerry L. Jennings
Past Commander Chester SCV