Banning Confederate flag on car was a blow to NASCAR fans

To the Editor:

After reading your article on NASCAR’s slump I thought I would share a reason for this decline that was obviously overlooked in your report. Political correctness!

I was a life-long race fan until the mid ’90s. I come from a family of racers who could always be seen at the Nashville Raceway and other small tracks around the hills of Tennessee. I wore my driver’s NASCAR licensed shirt, watched and attended NASCAR races religiously, bought products advertised on the side of the cars and so forth.

My friends and I would get together every weekend to watch the race, along with criticizing one driver over another. We were not hockey fans, or football fans, nor any other sport fans — we were NASCAR fans! Pure and simple. Sure we kept up with other sports but racing ruled.

Then it all began to change. Political correctness reared its ugly head in 1994 when NASCAR banned the Sons of Confederate Veterans Thunderbird from entering the Daytona 500 because the car had a (gasp) Confederate flag on the hood! Despite NASCAR’s beliefs most of its fan base are very patriotic conservative thinking people who despise the growing corporate America’s push to spread the political correctness that permeates our society like a cancer.

NASCAR turned its back on its Southern roots in many ways when it embraced the greed of corporate America then. The NASCAR board of directors fail to recognize that people are growing sick of corporate America’s ruination of our great country with everything from politically correct decisions to job loss. Not to mention the inferior poison products forced on us from China. All in the name of the bottom line to show the share holders with no concern for the well being of America or the delivery of quality products.

More people are realizing this every year and more people will stop spending their hard-earned money on a sport that holds big business above them. And they will continue to walk away just as I did 10 years ago.

Ronny Mangrum, Franklin 37069