Blount County’s battle over the Confederate Flag could be moving from school to court.

Earlier this month some students at William Blount High School wore rebel flag t-shirts to school.

They were asked to change or leave school. They chose to leave.

Today they rallied at the home of one of the student’s parents.

Upset parents claim their children’s freedom of expression has been violated, and say they plan to sue.

One high school sophomore, who wore the t-shirt says people are getting the wrong idea about the meaning of the flag.

"The confederage flag was just a battle flag in the war between the north and south, it had nothing to do with slavery. And I think a lot of people are getting the wrong picture on this, thinking we’re being racist, but we’re not," said Derek Barr.

A lawyer present at the rally is expected to take the case, but hasn’t signed on officially.

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