Blount County / Tom Defoe / An Open Report On Conversations In The Black Barber Shop

From: HK Edgerton

Sent: Friday, August 22, 2008

I shall relay the conversations as they were presented to me as best I can on Wednesday, August 26 , 2008 in one of my favorite places; the Black Barber Shop. What happened in Knoxville HK, I would be asked ? The Honorable Judge Tom Varlan gave explicit directions to the jury to decide this case base on the law and the facts and evidence present within the parameters of the law and not on personal bias for or against the flag.” One person who sat on that jury disobeyed the Judges directions and in my opinion should be made to take a lie detectors test to confirm or disapprove my contentions.

Most of these cases that are brought forward about the Southern Cross are decided on the parameters of the opinions in the landmark case of Tinker v. Des Moines Ind. Comm. School. It leaves it up to subjective opinions of school administrators who are employees of the federal School system whose very mandate that began in 1865 with the establishment of the Public School System in the South to divide and separate Southern Black and White folks by inculcating into their thinking process a hate for each other . These administrators under Tinker are asked to forecast substantiate disruptions of or material interference with school activities on school premises caused by the presence of various symbols. While the Confederate flag is usually never the cause of altercations between Black and White students. These very same authorities use any incidence between these groups as their reasoning to ban the presence of the Southern Cross in the school. When in essence if they truly wanted to heal the rift that this very school system created to cause overt racial antagonism along with the actions of the Federal Government during the period of so called Reconstruction in the South ; they would bring the Confederate Flag into the classrooms of America and teach these young Black and White students the truth about the relations and relationships that the ancestors of Southern Black and Southern Whites had for each other in lieu of the economic institution of Slavery that the North and entire supposed civilized world was complicit in. Furthermore, they would include not exclude the place of honor and dignity that these same Black folks , free or indentured earned under this very flag that thru their evil intentions set out to eradicate from history .

After having donned the uniform of the Southern soldier while marching with his glorious flag into Blount County to the steps of the Courthouse in the City of Maryville, sitting many, many hours on the traffic island on the corner of Main and Lamar Alexander , entered the football stadium of Maryville High and Blount County High, entered and sat in the pews of predominantly Black and White Churches there and all the while still donned in the same uniform , confabulating with all, both Black and White. My learned conclusion was that both these people applauded the actions of a man that would have the audacity and courage to bring forth the truth about a man who had stood alongside another that he not only called Master, but Family and Friend during a time when his homeland had been invaded. A place where he had been promised freedom for making that stand, yet a place where that promise was derailed and that place of love that they had found for each other was place asunder by a victor hell bent on separating them by any means possible.

After having watched the proceedings of Defoe and having read the recent ruling by the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals, I don’t think that the Southern Cross will ever get a fair trial in any court in America. Furthermore, I believe that politicians like John McCain and Mitt Romney who while on campaign trails along with the administrators of Blount County and Anderson High and their various school boards ought to have law suits filed against them in their individual capacities for inciting racial tensions because of their rhetoric against the Southern Cross and it’s honorable ancestors. If the Stars and Stripes , the British Jack, the Russian Star, and flags of Spain, Brazil , Saudi Arabia and so many other nations who were complicit in the economic institution of slavery , can obtain an across the board pardon for their activities in the slave trade, then surely those of us who had ancestors that rode, marched , built the implements of war, fed the army of Lee and Jackson, stayed at home and protected the families, embraced the teachings of a man called martin Luther King and his dream that one day the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners would someday sit at the table of brotherhood; could come to terms with our very own place of honor with the Confederate Flag.