Blood Stained Banner

Hey Chuck:
How is everything. I know you and the rest have not heard from me for sometime now. Like the rest of you I have had to deal with the idiots, misinformed, uninformed, and the willful ignorant people that get the flag wrong time and time again. However it seems that no one knows the real name of the Third (and current) National Flag. They know the First National (Stars and Bars), The Second National (Stainless Banner). But the Third National I have always seen Called The Blood Stained Banner. This is due to the Red Stripe added to the flag so it did not get confused as a surrender flag (Yankees love to misinterpret that one), and the fact that so many patriots fought and shed blood to be free of Yankee domination and hatred for freedom and the rights given to us by our founders to which I am proud to be related to. That being George Washington my GGGGGUncle.
While it is very true that it is a Unsurrender flag as the South never surrendered and like Korea still in a state of war. The fact is I have never heard of it referred to as what I have always read "The Blood Stained Banner". If this is not true I would like to know the reference that it is not.
Deo Vindice and Vigilance
Kirk Gruenewald