Blogging for Dixie


At I continue to blog almost daily for the Cause. It’s the successor to the Patriot Cannon newsletter that I edited, both of them for the Patriot Network, a tax help organization founded and run by one of the greatest Southerners of the past century, Dr. Robert B. Clarkson of Anderson, SC.

The official subject is tax headlines, tax tyranny, and what we can do for those so oppressed, but just as Robert’s work and thought encompassed all politically-incorrect truth (notably the Southern cause) I pretty much cover the spectrum at the above URL.

This Tuesday’s installment was on a subject dear to our hearts – among other things, a word study:  NULLIFICATION, the movie! ISLANDS OF POWER IN AN OCEAN OF RIGHTS, the way it was meant to be

Are nullification and states rights roughly synonymous? Guess I could have said so – nextime perhaps.

Material there is strictly personal opinions of the author, even if they’re 100% in keeping with the Bible, the Constitution and common sense.

Nelson Waller