Blacks supporting the South everywhere
What a wonderful source for the truth we have in the Official Records of the War of Rebellion, both Armies and Navies of CSA and USA.
Many quotes about blacks serving in Confederate units are well-known, but it is a fact that we find everywhere throughout the War Records mentions of Blacks supporting the Southern war effort, being sympathetic to the Confederacy and hating the invading Yankee army.
Here is just one sample. Report of Colonel Giles A. Smith, 8th Missouri Volunteer Regiment, 28 March 1863. During the advance of his unit, following orders from Sherman to cover the advance of Adm. Porter’s river fleet, he complaints about negroes doing sabotage:
"We had proceeded but about 6 miles when we found the enemy had been very busy felling trees to obstruct the creek. All the negroes along the route had been notified to be ready at nightfall to continue the work. To prevent this as much as possible, I ordered all able-bodied negroes to be taken along, and warned some of the principal inhabitants that they  would be held responsible for any more obstructions placed across the creek."
Official Records (Armies), Series 1, Vol. XXIV, Part 1, p. 439.
We can see that the "negroes along the route" were most probably local civilians notified to support the Confederate Army in slowing down the advance of the Yankee river fleet. The Yankee colonel feels so much a threat in the local black population that he orders the "able bodied negroes to be taken along" while he warns (threatens)the "principal inhabitants" that they will be held responsible for any more sabotage actions. This is quite revealing:
1. The black population supports the Confederacy and gives active help trying to stop Yankee invasion.

2. Three months after the "Emancipation Proclamation" even free blacks in the South are being "taken along" by the Yankee invaders.

3. We know that "to be held responsible" for sabotage and obstructions meant in Sherman’s Army to burn down houses or entire villages, eventually the hanging of civilians.
The truth is out there. Historical documents are most revealing. And the South was definitely right.
Raphael Waldburg-Zeil