"Blacks migrating to South in unprecedented numbers"

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To: _wbolton@thestate_ (mailto:wbolton@thestate)

Mr. Bolton:

I read with interest your article captioned above on-line on The State’s website. While I entirely agree with the information you set forth in your article, I could not help but wonder, "With all the ‘stink’ that has been raised by the NAACP with its so-called boycott of South Carolina because of the Confederate flag issue, why would blacks be migrating in record numbers to the very center of the NAACP’s ‘tempest in a teapot’?"

It is obvious to most objective observers that the NAACP’s boycott has certainly done very little, if any, harm to the State of South Carolina, and, in fact, tourism dollars have gone up since the NAACP decided to push this ridiculous and ineffective boycott idea. It has surprised me that The State has been trying all along to push the misconception that the boycott has been successful.

Blacks know that if the NAACP got its wish, and every single Confederate flag, Confederate memorial, and Confederate named street or building was removed from the face of the earth, it would result in not one single improvement in the lives of South Carolina blacks. The Confederate flag and other Southern heritage issues are not responsible for the plights facing black Americans today. Instead of dealing with the real issues facing American blacks, the NAACP has chosen to attack the "straw man" of Confederate symbolism and Southern heritage, which are, in fact, non-issues. These attacks are simply a waste of NAACP funds.

Black Americans can see clearly that, with the end of the so-called "Civil Rights Era", the NAACP has become an obsolete "social dinosaur" whose race-baiting issues are doing nothing to better their lives. The NAACP’s only role in America at this point is to maintain racial tensions at a level sufficient to maintain its depleted coffers in order to maintain its inflated payroll. Black Americans are able to think for themselves–they don’t need the NAACP to tell them what to think and how to feel, so why should they continue to follow the NAACP’s ridiculous commands to boycott the State of South Carolina. To do so would only hurt themselves.


D. A. Anthony
Palm Harbor, Florida