Black soldiers who fought as Confederates merit honor, too
Letter to the Editor
Commercial Appeal – Memphis

I was interested in the remarks of Arthur Webb in your June 7 article "Parks to laud Union soldiers / Black Confederates won’t be honored in Memphis plans" stating that the names of African-American Confederate soldiers would not be listed on the memorial naming all the black Union soldiers. Your article said the reason Webb gave was that "the Confederate president didn’t authorize black soldiers until three months before the war ended, and many who served didn’t bear arms or were only protecting their property."

What a slap in the face to the thousands of black Confederates who fought in military units alongside their fellow white Southerners in defense of their homes and families from 1861 until the surrender in 1865. They fought in all the battles of the war, and many died in battle.

I find it hard to believe that the executive director of the local chapter of the Association for the study of Negro Life and History knows so little about the role played by Southern blacks during the Civil War.

It also seems like a classic case of wanting to rewrite or erase or just ignore any part of the history of the United States that does not live up to the expectations of the current revisionist historians.

Knox Martin

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