Nineteen-Year-Old Black Youth Writes Letter to Sen. Chambliss Professing Southern Heritage


My name is Woodson Witt, I am a lifetime member of the SCV and a member of Robert Toombs Camp 932 in Vidalia. I am also a scoutmaster in the Boy Scouts of America for Troop 936 in Vidalia.

Currently, I am working with one of my young scouts, Stephen Stafford on obtaining his Eagle Scout award. One of the merit badges required for Eagle Scout is the Citizenship in the Nation badge. This badge requires the scout to write a letter to one or all of his congressmen about a national issue. Stephen chose to write his letter about the Confederate Flag.

This day and age it is pleasing, and somewhat unique that a young scout would be proud and brave enough to write a letter to his congressmen professing his love and concern for his Southern heritage. However, what makes this letter truly unique is that Stephen is a Black sixteen year old who valiantly defends and loves his Southern heritage. I am proud of my young scout for his unwavering convictions about his heritage in a world dominated by those who say everyone, especially African Americans should hate the Confederacy and the Battle Flag. I have attached a copy of the letter and a picture of Stephen.

Stephen desires to learn more about his heritage and join the Sons of Confederate Veterans. So, if anyone has knowledge, experience, or could be of assistance in looking up Georgian Confederate records we would be most appreciative. I have no real idea where to start looking for Georgia records since my Confederate ancestors were in Virginia and North Carolina regiments.

I know that sometimes it seems to all of us that our work to defend our heritage is going unnoticed or is ineffective. However, we will prevail in our efforts to preserve our heritage one person at a time; and the key to our future is the present education of our youth.

Yours in our cause,

Woodson Witt

Deo Vindice

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