BJ’s Member Care


BJ’s Member Care:

I have just read of your company’s recent issue with the ethnic heritage of a BJ’s employee and am dismayed that this could happen in our country. The flag of the American Confederacy being displayed represents the desire for political liberty and independence by Southern Americans, expressed in the very same manner as the American colonists of 1776 when they seceded from England. That flag also represents the 270,000 Southern soldiers who did not return home, and is a sacred reminder to their descendants of their sacrifice for a cause they believed in. Nothing could be more American than this, and I encourage your company to reconsider this unfortunate action and apologize to the employee.

It would also be appropriate to offer counseling and education to any persons offended by this employee’s heritage and ethnic symbols, and make a sincere effort to teach them the true meaning of diversity, respect for other peoples heritage, and a balanced view of American history. I would be happy to offer my assistance in this effort, as well as suggest educators and historians who could assist you. Sincerely,

Bernhard Thuersam, Executive Director
Cape Fear Historical Institute
Post Office Box 328
Wilmington, NC 28402