Wyeth’s Biography of Forrest
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Hello All,
After a few delays, we have finally gotten Dr. John Allan Wyeth’s "Life of Lt. Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest" up for sale. You can purchase this for $17.74 plus shipping in soft cover, or, $1.25 in PDF format. You can look at it here:  http://www.lulu.com/content/paperback-book/the-life-of-lt-gen-nathan-bedford-forrest/7785422  or visit my lulu.com store front at http://stores.lulu.com/Confederate .
Web page description:
"N. Bedford Forrest enlisted in the Confederate Army as a private in early 1861. By mid-year he was a Lt. Colonel and by war’s end, he was a brevet Lieutenant General. No other man North or South may lay claim to such honor. He struck fear into the hearts of his enemies. With equal degree he was loved by those whom he served and defended against Yankee invasion.
"He is much maligned as a man, as a general, and a citizen, but in these pages, you will see a different picture: the picture of a man of honor, of native skill, honesty, courage and above all, patriotism. This is not the General Forrest of popular media today, but the General Forrest we should all know. He is, indeed, a man to look up to in all ages."
Enjoy! I hope to have Dabney’s "Life and Campaigns of  Lt. Gen. Stonewall Jackson"  available soon.
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