Billy Bearden


Chuck, PoP Tommy, and all others here,

I can think of no one today more deserving of your Award of Honour, than Billy. Having had the pleasure and honour of flagging with Billy years back in Georgia, as well as being tossed out of the "Peoples House" in Hellanta with him for our refusing to surrender our colours upon entering the "Gold Dome".

I remember on more than one occasion when Billy ran the gauntlet and the dangers of flagging alone.

I can only imagine the amount of funds he is personally out of pocket in his flagging efforts over all these years. He has been everywhere and basically done it all.

I for one, am grateful for the advice, and support he has given me over the years. He is a man and a warrior amongst men and warriors.  His dedication and devotion to the Cause is second to none.

I salute y’all in your choice of Compatriot Bearden for this award, as well as salute both the pair of you, "Chuck and PoP Tommy" for your own undying, and unwavering , and unselfish efforts for all these years, keeping so many of us in the "loop".  May God Bless and keep each and everyone one of you.

With the utmost of respect for all involved, and for the glory and honour of my beloved Dixie, I remain most humbled in the shadows, still behind enemy lines.

Warmest of Southron regards,

T Warren