Some comments on Bill Vallante’s comments
Dear Wild Bill,
What you say about the NAACP is certainly true, and the cause for this is the manipulation in the past and present by white egalitarian caucasians trying to control American social structure in order to control political power. Among them is a gaggle of social parasites that are feeding off this portion of human misery that may be recognized in such poverty pimps as Morris Dee’s and his Southern Poverty Law Center.  He is a great example of Leo Buscaglia’s (the sociologist who taught a class called LOVE 101 at USC in California) adage that "misery not only love’s company, it demands it."  Those of you know Dee’s will understand what I mean by this.
Caucasians have created a host of political and social industries that promote the deteriorating American social problems and then rush-in in a feeding frenzy with bogus proposals to fix their self-inflicted societal wounds. Of course, their prosper financially in this process. Unfortunately their destructive approaches have become somewhat palatable to the general public (a non-existent abstraction) that feeds off of these engineered social industries.  Worst of all, and heart-breaking to me, is that the effeminate elements of American Christian denominations have bought into this slurry of social and religious derascination.  American Christian ministries have largely become the instruments of their own destruction. I will be publishing three booklets on this topic in about two months.
An associated evil, is the enemy that feeds off of and supports modernities dull-minded Marxists.  It is the ever-present and ever-necessary (for Marxism to exist) fascist base that does not really care about the actual political and social tenants of Marxism except that (and this is of critical importance)Marxism has qualities that more easily permits the fascists to operate in the background and control the economies across a growing vast range of geography. We call this fascist networking "Globalism."  In this pseudo societal climate, "patriotism" has become little more than Toyota’s pep rallies at the beginning of their work shifts. The healthy restraints of true nationalism are totally lost.
In all of this, many people in Southern States of the United States of America have managed to retain a portion of the healthier elements of culture, religion and nationalism. And, the South is one of the few places intellectually honest enough to remember that like George Washington, it is possible to love ones country and hate ones own government.  More than ever Southerners are chaffing at the bit to set-up their own governments that will be based on the solid principles of liberty and freedom.
Deo Vindice.
Timothy D. Manning, Sr.
Executive Director
North Carolina Heritage Foundation