THE WAR INTERVIEWS (Beyond The Grassy Knoll)
Chuck and Folks,
Many of you might be interested in a five-part audio series recently 
recorded on Keith Hansen’s "Beyond The Grassy Knoll" site ( E-States is a reference "to the Crown’s interest in the commercial 
enterprise known as the USA." Two of the guests (myself and Al Benson, 
Jr.,) are writers for The Fire Eater (

The War Between E-States
Guests Listed in Alphabetical Order
MacDonald King Aston
Author of “Yankee Babylon”
Al Benson, Jr.
Co-author with Donnie Kennedy of
“Red Republicans and Lincoln’s Marxists”
Ralph Epperson
Author of “The Unseen Hand”
Eric Jon Phelps
Author of “Vatican Assassins”
Charles T. Wilcox
Author of “Transformation of The Republic”
God bless,
Mac King Aston