Beware of Scam
Chuck and Everyone,
This is totally off the subject of Southern Heritage but there’s an older scam that now seems to be directed at those of us interested in Southern Heritage and the War for Southern Independence.
Over the last few months I’ve received several emails that appear to be legitimate from known and trusted friends (from their actual email addresses) who have an interest in the War for Southern Independence and Southern Heritage. For those I received these emails from, I’ve contacted them directly to make them aware of the intrusion to their computers. I have no idea how widespread this might be among us but wanted to make sure everyone was aware of it. Evidently there’s a worm or other form of malicious software that’s been going around to hijack email address books without the owner’s knowledge and it looks like some in our group have picked it up.
The emails I’ve received have been very similar to the second one shown (collected June 2010) stating they’re stranded in London and need immediate help (cash). You can read this sample email at
I wanted to make sure than everyone on SHN&V was aware of this so if you receive one of these emails you’ll know it’s a scam, plus to let everyone know they need to monitor their computer and check for malicious software on a regular basis. If you don’t have a program to do this, (I’m not trying to advertise for any one company’s program), I’ve personally found SpyHunter 4 Malware Security Suite to be the best one for this purpose. Like most programs of this type, you have to pay for it but I can attest it does an excellent job and is well worth the cost. If anyone might want to learn more about this program and get it, you can find everything about it at
I’m sorry my post is off the subject of Southern Heritage, but as I mentioned, the few emails I’ve received have only come from people with an interest in Southern Heritage and the War for Southern Independence so I wanted everyone to be aware of it.
Edward Harding
Washington, NC
I got one today that looked like it was from an SHNV subscriber.