SC GOP Heritage Betrayals Haven’t Stopped


Go Ron Go!!

I was asked yesterday to carry our State of Mississippi flag in the inauguration parade for Haley Barbour with the Sons of Confederate Veterans. We must never forget the sacrifices our ancestors made to fight against Lincoln and his socialist’s regime, which is still with us today in the form of Bush-Chaney. It is time we threw this tyrant off of our backs and return to the constitutional limited government of our founders or secede again. This time I think they would let us go without firing a shot. The CFR’s Council on Foreign Relations have their candidates seeded in the Republican race and also in the Democratic race, with also Mayor Bloomberg as a possible independent bid if things don’t go as planned. The SOUTH has got to rally around RON PAUL. I am tired of being a slave to the FEDERAL RESERVE. And these southern scalawags, "McCain, Huckabee & Thompson" need a history lesson, they are the worst. Like Jeff Davis said "Nothing troubles me more than for a Southerner to apologize for fighting the war."

With God’s help we will vindicate our forefathers.

Soli Deo Gloria!!!

Clyde Magee
Mize, Mississippi