Bell South Prohibits Confederate Flags in Yellow Page advertising

Over the past few years we have watched in dismay as the politically correct attack one aspect of Southern Heritage after another. Of course these same people bring you others gems in their quest to dominate American society:

Airport searches of 80 year old grandmothers so that Moslem males from hostile countries are not offended.

Discrediting our Founding Fathers.

Out of control immigration and porous borders.

This list could go on and on, but you already know this. 

The preachers of "tolerance" continue to display their "intolerance." The preachers of "diversity" display their determination to "cleanse the country of the politically incorrect." Nothing but hypocrisy.

But fasten your seat belt, for the latest example  of tolerance and diversity here in Our State of Georgia, and possibly other States. The following is from the Bell South, The Real Yellow Pages, Advertising Standards:

13.02  Confederate Flags – Cuts of ALL Confederate Flags are PROHIBITED from appearing in Yellow Pages advertising.

note: the capitalized "ALL" and "PROHIBITED" is from their document.

A call to the Bell South toll free number at:    877.573.2597 confirmed that this is their policy. Feel free to use their toll free number and have a discussion with them about it, if you disagree.

There is one of those clumsy to use forms at:

to contact Bell South Corporate. Will be interested in seeing what responses they give to questions. So far they have failed to response to my inquiries.

Ladies & Gentlemen, this is a serious issue. Just as the effort to drive Dixie Outfitters from malls is an attempt to eliminate Southern Heritage from the face of the earth, this is even worse. If this "policy" is allowed to stand, it will begin the gradual, but step by step, elimination of all companies that market Southern Products. Note the capitalized ALL in their standard. When will they change it to products, instead of just flags, to be even more "diverse" and "tolerant?"

We have an all Republican Public Service Commission now, so this should be solved pretty quickly, huh?

Their contact info is:

Bobby Baker, Republican, DeKalb County, chairman –
H. Doug Everett, Republican, Albany, vice chairman –
Angela Elizabeth Speir, Republican, Gwinnett County –
Stan Wise, Republican, Cobb County –

You might want to get in touch with these folks and see if Bell South is still regulated at all by the State.

 Just to put this in perspective here is the great threat to the People of Georgia that Bell South is protecting everyone from:

In their own words:

BellSouth values and has dedicated itself to build upon its legacy of diversity. We will continue to strive to be a leader in the areas of diversity and inclusion — in our workplace, in our marketplace, and in our

Apparently what they really mean is:


BellSouth values and has dedicated itself to build upon its legacy of political correctness. We will continue to preach diversity and inclusion — in our workplace, in our marketplace, and in our communities. But we will be intolerant and work diligently to exterminate any politically incorrect idea. And we will use your money to do it!


This is not business policy. This is simply political correctness run a mock, out of control. It is the epitome of intolerance and this policy needs to scraped.

The Bell South Corporate office is:

BellSouth Corporation Headquarters
1155 Peachtree St. NE
Atlanta, GA 30309-3610

Stay tuned … and comments welcome. Bell South operates in the following States:

North Carolina
South Carolina

Lets hear from some of you folks in the other States. Ready to coordinate some Flaggings?

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