From: Dewey Barber –
Date: May 27, 2009
To: Bekki Hunt –

Hi Bekki,

I am happy that you have found the real truth of your Southern heritage. Our Confederate ancestors are worthy of praise and admiration. They were the true American patriots fighting for the ideals of our founding fathers.

The liberal Northern New Englanders who controlled the Federal government in  the 1860’s are still in control and have done a masterful job of suppressing the truth of this epic conflict. They have managed to turn lies into truth and truth into lies in the mind of most Americans. In doing so, they have used black folks to further their lies and turn them against white Southerners who have been their best friends.

It is my sincere hope that America will one day learn the real truth. To illuminate this truth is the mission of Dixie Outfitters.

Thanks for your email and I hope you will share your education with all you meet.

Best Regards,

Dewey Barber
President, Dixie Outfitters

On May 27, 2009, Bekki Hunt wrote:

Hi Mr. Barber, I spoke to you over the phone a few months ago and I really enjoyed our conversation. I have purchased the book, Complicity, and have found it to be very enlightening to say the least. I have proudly moved forward in my efforts to learn about the Civil War in general and also about my family’s role in protecting their farmland from invaders during that time period. I have learned that my great-great grandfather and his brother fought in some of the big NC battles, including Bentonville.  I have to tell you that HK Edgerton has helped me tremendously in my understanding and I would love to thank him for that personally. I have NOT been able to meet Mr. Edgerton yet even though he sent me his itinerary soon after I spoke with you. I have spent hours watching him in interviews on Youtube. I really hope the true southern people, white and black can unite and get back to our God-given roots. Southern people ARE different and I am very proud to be a true, blue southerner. Thank you for all you do to help educate us about our past and I pray the rest of the world will follow suit in true understanding of the southern cause and why it is important for us to adhere to the values and all that our southern forefathers stood for.   Thanks again——Bekki Whitley-Hunt

— On Wed, 3/25/09, Dewey Barber <> wrote:

From: Dewey Barber –
To: "HK Edgerton" –
Date: Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I just had a conversation with a lady named Bekki Hunt from North Carolina. She is an admirer of your work and would like to meet you one day and/or hear you speak.

She visits your web site often and is excited about getting the truth of our Southern heritage to the people, especially where it concerns the misconceptions about blacks and their role as Confederate supporters.

As a personal favor to me, please send her your itinerary or tell her where she might see you speak in the next few months. Also, put her on your email list (

I am copying this email to Bekki and I promised to send her a link so she can subscribe to SHNV

Here it is Bekki:

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