I have read some of the emails that have been sent to the dixie out fitters email and they have made want to voice my own opinion about being from the south.

I am sure when people say south they are thinking about people like me and my family. I was born and have been raised up till my 17 (almost 18) years of life here, in a small town that last all of five minutes riding throught it, in South Carolina.

Things sure have changed since I was a little. I can remember the days I spent with my papa (yes we still use the word papa instead of gramps) working on cars and cruising down the road just watching the cows and horses eat. I can remember walking with my granny picking up beer cans and listening to the boom box my cousin would be carrying. I rememeber Sunday mornings sneaking out real early with my papa to go eat at Hardees and later grab a snow cone.

Things are not like they used to be my papa is no longer living and my granny is to feeble to even leave her house. But still that ol’ southern comfort remains. Its such a tough thing. We never had much money, only the faith that God and our lands would get us through tough times. Family was always important to. To me south is an easy thing. Its a place where I was born and raised. Its my comfort zone. Its a place where yonder is an actual place. The word aint is ok and when your mama says mind your raisin you know exactly what she means.

The rebel flag has been waving outside my house ever day since I can remember. I sleep with a rebel flag blanket keeping me safe every night. The rebel flag is all about pride. I have never had a racist bone in my body. I dont really care where you come from you are welcome to a meal in my kitchen anytime. I just want people to realize all of this is my memories and my heartiage and since yall dont know about it how can you judge. You cant put the mistakes of some on us all.

Now I aint gonna lie some of the southern people are racist. Some are inbred. Some cant read. Some cant write. Some are so poor that without the gov’t help they would starve. Some dont even know what college is. But I can guarantee you these people are the nations strength. They are hardworking americans ready to kick ass when someone comes messing with their families or their soil. The fly their flag in pride. Some of them white some of them not. Now you are able to form your own opinion on what you think about the flag and southern people in general. But my opinion is this… I dont know a lot of black people and I have never been out of this state so I cant ever go judging yall so why in the world would you ever judge me?

I just want to be happy with my family and everything i have been taught. What I have been taught isnt wrong it is just different. Maybe you should know the facts before you go being mean and jumping to conclusions. So if you need a history lesson why dont you email me and let a true southerner give you one.


South Carolina